The Possibilities Are Endless

The Company has two proprietary platforms. 1) The Tetrabody Platform is used to create multi-targeted, highly potent IgGs based on human VH or humanized VHH domain antibodies. 2) The Yeast BioTherapy Platform is used to create GMO probiotic yeast that efficiently express protein therapeutics. These live yeast are designed for encapsulation and oral administration for the targeted treatment of GI tract diseases.

Our pipeline products are bio-superiors and will enjoy multiple competitive advantages.

  1. Better patient outcomes due to higher affinity of our anti-bodies

  2. Better patient experience with oral capsules replacing needles

  3. Better patient access with room temperature stable capsules that can be taken at home.

  4. Better affordability. Our live yeast drug product does not require the extensive and costly purification of traditional mAbs.