Pipetting Samples


FZ003 is a fully humanized tetra-specific octavalent IgG1 targeting antibiotic-resistant superbug Clostridioides difficile. It neutralizes both major virulence toxins A and B of the bacterium and is ultrapotent. FZ003 is supported by non-dilutive NIH funding towards IND ready stage and is currently under GMP manufacturing.

FZ002 is an oral yeast biotherapy that expresses a multi-specific antitoxin in the intestine for treating Clostridioides difficile infection. FZ002 is also supported by NIH funding and is entering GMP manufacturing.

FZ005 is humanized heavy-chain only antibody that is 10-fold more potent than Humira in neutralizing human TNF-alpha.

FZ006 is an oral yeast biotherapy that expresses potent anti-human TNF-alpha antibody. The primary disease target is ulcerative colitis (UC).